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"As a trained and experienced dietitian I will work with you to create the best nutritional plan for you. Each client will leave each session with a better understanding of health, nutrition and what might be going on in your body, an individual action plan, supportive handouts, and the skills to help you make healthy positive changes to meet your wellness goals".

I am a Registered Licensed Dietitian and fitness & nutrition enthusiast. I have over 15 years of experience in a variety of areas of nutrition including nutritional counseling, group nutrition classes , food demonstrations, geriatric and pediatric nutrition. I worked as a Health Coach for several years and really listen to my clients’ needs to help make the best nutritional choices that will realistically work for them. Rather than counting calories or points, I prefer a holistic approach to eating that supports whole foods and strives to encourage clients to make practical lifestyle changes. I look for root cause of disease, not just a bandaid to cover to up health issues.

I have  a wide range of health, weight management and medical nutrition knowledge and experience. I focus on setting realistic goals in an easy to understand manner that helps my clients realize that healthy eating can become a healthy lifestyle.

I apply the principles of a healthy lifestyle in my daily life and for my family. This has helped me understand the difficulties of balancing life with its many demands.

I am also a certified LEAP therapist and a provider of Spectra Cell nutrient testing, GI-MAP and Dutch hormone testing.

Natural Herbs

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


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